Scrapbook Paper and Embellishments

About Us

I was introduced to Scrapbooking 16 years ago and have come a long way with a lot of hard work and effort but most of all passion and drive for what I love doing, to creating Scrap Collections .  After attending a class in scrapbooking I was surprised that in South Africa we had to import all our paper and embellishments from the U.S.A.  This was the ignition we needed for the conception of Scrap Sheets

Having just recovered from a year of chemo and breast cancer, but desperate to get back to living and being creative I convinced a friend who had a degree in design to start some paper designs.  With our husbands taking the lead on the printing side of the operation, we created unique paper and paper sizes that are lignin and acid free sized "12 x 12".

18 months ago I went out on my own, I now have 3 design ladies, working with me and our aim is to launch new paper every month, with Michelle van Wyk heading our creative design team.  I also started my own company, RM Crafts with engraved laser cuts as an embellishment for scrap booking to enhance our papers as the two areas complement each other extremely well.  We design matching laser cuts to our paper and have a design team, Michelle, putting together our layouts, once the shops have purchased the paper and laser cuts we send them the notes of the layouts to teach in the classes that they provide.

These new designs and paper ideas are posted to our website and blog on a monthly basis.  People interested are able to subscribe to our website by quickly filing in the subscribe to our newsletter section and every month when the website is updated they will receive a notification that new paper, laser cuts and design ideas have been posted, they can purchase the paper for their own design ideas or follow ours.

We now currently have customers as far afield as the UK and Australia.  Run by a great team comprising Lorna, Veronica, head designer, Caroline and Gary we are sure to meet your needs and expectations in providing and producing some of the best paper available on the market today.  You can subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates and also follow us through Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the newest releases and ideas from Scrap Collections.